Evelyn Paiz Reyes

73 avenue de Paris · 94165 Saint-Mandé CEDEX · evelyn.paiz-reyes@ign.fr

PhD researcher in computer graphics and geographic information science.

Member of the GEOVIS research team

Doctorant en informatique graphique et sciences de l'information géographique.

Membre de l'équipe GEOVIS


Past jobs and roles in research

  • 01-01-2013 (2 yrs 6 mos)

    Assistant Professor

    Assistant professor at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, for the courses of: Mathematics, Programming, Differential Equations and Operating Systems.

  • 01-06-2015 (1 yr 1 mo)

    Software Researcher and Developer

    Developed a mHealth message platform for the HIV Research Department at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

  • 01-02-2016 (8 mos)

    Software Quality Assurance Engineer

    Assessed the quality of the performance of new developed software for the wev plataform of Xoom, A PayPal Service.

  • 01-02-2018 (7 mos)

    Research and Innovation Intern

    Developed an application for hair color appearance matching in 3D (i.e. hair rendering) at L'Oreal, Paris.

  • 01-10-2018 (Present)

    PhD Researcher

    PhD research at IGN on image-based rendering of large historical image collections. The study is focused on: Uncertainty, Distortion and Radiometry.


Université Paris-Est

PhD in Computer Graphics
October 2018-Present

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Universidad de Granada

Université Jean Monnet

Master in Colour Science
September 2016 - September 2018

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

Universidad de Valladolid

Computer Science Engineer
January 2011 - November 2015


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On-going and past research projects


Its purpose is the indexing, interlinking and visualization of large historical image collections, depicting the French territory from the interwar period to the present day.